Computer Applications for Business Management

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This book imbibes concepts that might assist a management learner or practitioner to assimilate understanding regarding vivid areas and the application of technologies. this book holds concepts like a basic understanding of computer systems and computer networks. E-commerce and M-commerce are also a part of this book. Readers can also avail basic understanding regarding database management systems. Readers and learners would be benefitted from having a basic understanding and exploration of some of the very important and needed areas, as they aspire to become managers. This book is a blend of business management and computer application. This book can help one to evolve as a business manager by having an understanding of computer applications and theories related to the same. The book provides a logical method of explaining various complicated concepts and stepwise methods to explain the important topic. Each chapter is well supported with necessary illustrations, practical examples, and solved problems along with case-studies/use cases. All the chapters in the book are arranged in the proper sequences that permit each topic to be built upon earlier studies All care has been taken to make readers comfortable in understanding the basic concept enriching their cognitive analytical potentials about data and transaction management.


1 review for Computer Applications for Business Management

  1. Madhura kondlekar

    Book is really informative

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