Database Management System


This is a concise and conversational textbook in the growing field of Database Management system. Easy to read, understand, and informative. thus lucid book covers important concepts with concrete illustrations and the reader to increase their know-how in this field. As in this contemporary era of digitization, usage dependency on databases and data centers are heavily in practice. This book is designed to provide a learner with the institution behind this evolving area, along with a solid toolset of the major database management techniques and patterns. Also, this book deals with query designing and solving, providing a practical approach. Learners ross vivid academic disciplines, including business, academics, statistics, computer science, information technology, engineers, and others would be attracted to the idea of discovering new insights and ideas in this area. Readers would enjoy enhancing their cognitive analysis while reading and learning with this book. This book can be referred by faculty fraternity and students as a one platform reference and can be assimilated as reference material for DBMS course. Keeping in faith that their exists always a window of improvement thus would look forward to enhancing It in the future, I thank all contributors who already have been dissiminating knowledge in this area.



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