Perspectives & Reflections In Business Dynamics


We are welcoming original work as a part of edited book. The pandemic COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the world as we know it in vivid ways. In this new normal era, we are all evidencing that people now think, live, and forecast business sustainability diversly Customers and consumers are res-ponding to crisis in diverse ways. The present book identifies some of the critical issues with respect to the changing landscape of ways of doing businesses amid pandemic impact. This edited book bears original work in form of chapters from prominent industry practitioners, scientist, acade- micians, research scholars, and student. There is massive amount of information flow across cosmos in new normal and thus this would help to keep an update in diversified management discipline. This would help to impart diversified viewpoints and opinion generation on future perspectives of different business areas in these turbulent times. Dream House Publication is one of the leading publishing companies of the world and would publish a multi-Contributed book titled “Business Management Dynamics amid Pandemic.” Consumer priorities have become centered on the most basic needs. with increase in demand for hygiene, cleaning and staples products, while non-essential categories slow down. A “buy local” trend ace- lerates. Despite the negative social and economic impact, the out- break quickly led to an adjustment in people’s behavior – from fear to action, to cope with the unexpected situation and a shift in daily activities from offline to online. Digital commerce has seen a boost as new consumers migrate online for grocery shopping. Companies ability to digitally transform faster, invest in relevant technologies and improving overall customer experience will be the key differen- tiators in the industry. Even as this crisis continues, so, by exploring the changes that are happening now, we can consider what consu- mer goods businesses should do today to prepare for what’s next.



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