Alter Strike Rise of Dawn


This story takes place in a group of islands. There was once peace among all the islands. Krypto Island, Chaos Island, Aquatica Island, and the Sky Kingdom are all surrounded by the majestic Mystic Ocean. Legend says that in the depths of the ocean lies unimaginable power. Dawn, who is greedy for power started to destroy the islands to take that power for himself. He is The God of Destruction. Many people died in those days. But one day, one child from every island gained abnormal powers. And thus the Guardians of Islands were formed. The guardians defeated Dawn every time and they weakened Dawn and it will take hundreds of years for him to come back. But one generation was not able to defeat him. It looked like all hope was lost. But then they created an attack so powerful that it rivaled Dawn’s power. That is ‘ALTER STRIKE’. The guardians saved their home by locking him in impenetrable armor in a tomb. But now it seems that Dawn will come back and attack the islands again. The new guardians will do everything they can to defeat The God of Destruction



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