Mis(s) Matchmaking


Abhilasha, a non-resident young Indian woman is an accomplished lawyer and a sensitive compassionate human being who has been working to settle refugees entering the UK. However, her work is of no consequence to her parents. Instead, they have set her up with a production house that films a prospective matchmaking series for a streaming platform. But this production house has had a bad reputation for digging into the lives and sensationalizing their series, in the past. Abhilasha (Abhi) didn’t have a squeaky-clean past either, due to her involvement in a few serious affairs. What will she do now? Fall into the trap set by her parents? Run around begging her ex-affairs to pretend not to know her or save her current affair which is another mismatch as far as religion is concerned? Can she manipulate her way through, or will she lose the battle and succumb to her parents’ desires? Spend some time with Abhi and experience her turbulence and trepidations as we read her saga.



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