Anay and Shanaya enjoy their state of nuptial bliss when suddenly life turns upside down leaving Shanaya in utter despair. After six months of their togetherness, Anay one day goes to work and never returns thus devastating Shanaya’s blissful life. The story revolves around Shanaya’s struggle to find Anay’s whereabouts and her roller coaster ride to find her love. She strives hard to deal with the deep dark secrets that emerge in her way while trying to get her husband back, not only this, the hits and blows of her circumstances throw her into a pool of commotion, desolation and leaves her completely overwhelmed. Will she be able to come out of the mysterious web of lies and gloom and find Anay? Is he really in some trouble or hiding from her to make her suffer because of an unrevealed truth? Was it love or vengeance that separated the two soul mates and threw them into a pool of despair and covert?




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