27th July Narratives of Un-Blossomed Story


In the calm hills of Kalimpong, Ashwin embarked on his education journey in the midst of the fervent dreams of the Gorkhaland movement. Little did he anticipate that his aspirations would be abruptly shattered on the fateful day of July 27th. The echoes of deadly gunfire reverberated through the air, leaving behind a scene of devastation that marked the turning point in Ashwin’s pursuit. The catalyst for this tragedy lay in the emotional approach adopted by emotional leaders, whose decisions led to a perilous confrontation. Among the casualties was a close admirer of Ashwin, a victim of the ill-fated day whose untimely and unethical demise struck a chord deep within him. The emotional toll of losing someone dear added a personal dimension to the broader disillusionment with the movement. As the community grappled with the repercussions aftermath, Ashwin’s maternal grandmother a wise matriarch, offered a poignant observation. She foresaw the Gorkhaland movement taking an unintended and potentially destructive path. Her words resonated deeply with Ashwin, prompting him to reevaluate his positive thoughts on the cause. With memories etched in his mind, he made the difficult decision to leave Kalimpong behind with the memories of the unplanned Gorkhaland movement emphasizing the significance of wise guidance in the pursuit of a collective identity.



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