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We as an Indian Civilization believe that everyone in this country has equal rights. India is one of the great civilizations in the world where we worship women as goddesses. But the question is, do women get that respect in India? This story is about a girl Janhvi’ and her introduction is, she is a Prostitute. This girl is disgusting, isn’t she? But think about those people who force girls like her to do such kind of disgusting work. Aren’t those people disgusting too? People like them use to live around us and act like a civilized person but the truth is, if people like them don’t exist then a girl like ‘Janhvi’ doesn’t need to do such vile work. People like them are there in our so-called civilized society. They wear human masks but they are demons and ready to destroy every beautiful thing. Well, read this story and decide who is the profligate, that girl or those people who forced her to be peccant.


7 reviews for Prostitute

  1. BHawana Verma

    Must be read

  2. Shri nath shukla


  3. Shri nath shukla


  4. O. P. L. Srivastav

    A work that shakes the conscience of the society by slamming it on the rocky rock of thoughts.
    Thanks to the author.

  5. Shubham Srivastava

    Lots of messages in the book, will make u understand the life.
    A beautifully knitted plot, thoroughly enjoyable.
    Just completed reading this book… hats off to the writer.

  6. Chandni Gupta

    Impressive writing and perfect word choice make this a masterpiece. Very touchy novel. We can already feel that it comes from a heart. Such a unique piece of content. The way you explain the complex topic that easily amazing. I enjoyed reading your content keep doing your best work.

  7. Uday Gupta

    This book represent the actual side of the indian women who so called prostitute ,,, must read.

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