Therapeutic Guide of Ayurveda Volume I


This book entitled with Therapeutic guide of Ayurveda Vol – I is having contents with various formulations like churna etc which are collected from various samhitas, well known Ayurvedic books, even some are from gurusishya – parampara.

Ayurveda is science of life which is having depth of a ocean. Many books have been written on this subject with its own peculiarity, but this book written by Dr Salavurao Gopal stands out as a light house which guides us to take the right course while treating the patients. It gives ample therapeutic guidance with vast uses like churna, vati, guggulu, kashaya, taila, ghruta etc with specific dosage, duration, anupana etc.

So it is a excellent therapeutic guide for Ayurveda, useful for all the students, academicians, practioners researchers, pharmacists etc at the same time. Dr S GOPAL is working as Professor & HOD, Dept of Shalakyatantra in Shri JGCHS Ayurvedic Medical College, Ghataprabha, Gokak Taluka, Belagavi Dist Karnataka. He has vast experience of 25 years in the field of Ayurveda.



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