Gheranda Samhita

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This book is a translation of the Gherand Samhita, composed by Maharishi Gherand, into three languages. In which Sanskrit shlokas have been translated into Hindi, English, and Punjabi. Gherand Samhita is one of the main texts of Hatha Yoga. In this book, the conversation between Maharishi Gherand and King Chandakpali has been written by Sanskrit shlokas, King Chandakpali has a desire to know yoga, then he goes to Maharishi Gherand’s hut and expresses his desire to know about Ghatastha Yoga. Due to his curiosity, Maharishi Gherand was pleased and gave the knowledge of yoga. He has divided yoga into seven parts, so his yoga knowledge is also called Saptanga Yoga. He has given Shatkarmas for purification of the body, Asanas for firmness of the body, Mudras for stability of the body, Pratyahara for attainment of patience, Pranayama comes for lightness of the body, Meditation for the self-realization and samadhi is described to withdraw from the Illusion. The text describes six Shatkarmas, thirty – two asanas, twenty-five mudras ( with five dharanas ), eight types of pranayama, three types of meditation, and six types of samadhi. The purpose of writing this book is to explain yoga knowledge in simple language from the Sanskrit language. For which three that the common man can easily languages have been sed understand. Efforts have been made to write the meaning of every shloka in the book precisely because there are differences in the interpretation of the shlokas.


3 reviews for Gheranda Samhita

  1. Neelam

    It’s gerat work by Arun Dhillon

  2. Pooja yadav


  3. Dharmender

    अति उत्तम

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