Therapeutic Guide of Ayurveda Vol-II


As per Ayurvedic scholars, Ayurveda deals with ” Pathyapathya, Rogavinicchaya and Chikitsa”.Curing the disease by any means is Chikitsa. Ayurveda propogates four types of Chikitsa viz.”Bheshaja, Shastra, Kshara and Agni “. Bheshaja is more important which is applicable to everyone. Bheshaja or medicine (drugs) is defined as – ” which cures disease but does not cause any other disease”. Bheshaja is classified as Herbal, Herbomineral and Mineral. Herbal medicines are already described in Vol. I. Remaining are included in Vol. II. These are going to act faster than the herbal, with lesser dose. These medicines cure the root cause of disease.



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