The Rogue Bankers Scam of 2001


This book is a first, about a Financial scam, from an investigator’s point of view. Written by one of the investigators himself, this reveals the actual story about the year 2001 stock market scam and how it was investigated against all odds. It’s a story of a daring Police commando, who chooses to tackle financial crime, fights hard to bring a criminal mastermind to justice against all odds, with everything working against him and investigation team. The investigation starts while he is the rookie, however with his hard work and dedication, he starts to lead the investigation. This happens, while the other stalwarts are removed systematically, to block investigation findings. This rookie not only ensure that he stays, but also finds evidence against the high and mighty, ultimately brining the actual culprits to the book and saving the innocent.

Accolades –

“This book is a marvellous piece of arduous work and proficient investigation skills displayed by CBI investigators which unravelled the Stock Market Scam of 2001.

During my stint with CBI, I had the privilege to supervise the investigation and it reminisce me of the entire sequence of events even after span of 20 years.

The writing is simple yet narrative and lucid keeping one glued to the book wanting to know what will happen next. It provides insight into the scam and its key players.”

Hemant Nagrale,
Commissioner of Police,

“ The book captivates the interest of the reader for it’s step by step account of the scam. It reveals the author’s relentless efforts, methodical approach, domain knowledge and skill sets to deep dive into the pool of investigation. His success to unravel the modus operandi, cull out evidence despite the complexities and intricacies involved, won him the prestigious ‘best investigator of CBI’ award ,which he richly deserved. “

U. S. Dutt, former IPS officer who served in the CBI for fourteen years and retired in the rank of Director General of Police.



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