The Divine Designer Within You


The book, “The Divine Designer Within You” aims to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and empower readers including art lovers, visual explorers, artists, illustrators, painters, UX designers, graphic designers, and aspiring individuals across the globe. It explores the profound connection between art, design, and the divine, using Indian wisdom as a guiding light. From embracing our inherent connection to divine designers to accessing design inspiration from Indian scriptures to recognizing the conscious effort in the formation of the universe, this book invites readers to tap into their creative potential and deepen their understanding of the universal principles of design. The book fosters a sense of awe, inspiration, and empowerment, bridging the worlds of art, design, and ancient philosophy. By showcasing the influence of ancient concepts in modern innovations and shifting the perception of art and design as mere entertainment, this book encourages readers to view these disciplines as catalysts for personal and societal growth. We are reminded that art is the mother of all inventions and that it goes beyond entertainment. This book helps us to convey deep spiritual insights that connect us with the divine and unveils the secrets behind some mysterious topics such as the nature of beauty and aesthetics, and why we are irresistibly drawn to them. By providing fundamental concepts and principles of art and design in a simple and relatable manner, “The Divine Designer Within You” ensures that individuals from all backgrounds embrace their creativity and unlock their full potential. Use this book to explore the beauty of art and design and embark on your transformative journey.



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