Sa Re Ga Ma of Team Building

(7 customer reviews)


Sa Re Ga Ma Model has the ability to engage people and inspire them to embrace change and unleash their potential.


7 reviews for Sa Re Ga Ma of Team Building

  1. DP Juyal

    Fantastic write

  2. Kusum

    Nice book…. beautifully written!!

  3. Monika

    A really good book on team building with great examples & relatable scenarios. One must read it.

  4. Sumit kapoor

    Impressive 👍👍

  5. Neha

    Superb…loved reading it

  6. Ruchika

    Great Read! simple yet impactful! Experience is loud in the book.

  7. Vijay

    “Sa Re Ga Ma” is a valuable resource for individuals and organisations seeking to build strong and harmonious teams.

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