Poetry in the Digital & Social Media


Poetry, the oldest form of literature, has changed in the ‘ Digital Age. The ‘ aura ‘ of poetry seems to wither as there is a jungle out there of animated and illuminated verses by anyone or everyone on their social media handles. Everyone hankers to see and to be seen via digital platforms. The different available poetic android or ios applications like YourQuotes, Mirakee ( now Miraquill ), Poet’s Pad, Poetry Daily, PortaPoet, Pocket Poets, Poet’s Corner, Rhymer’s Block, Wings, etc. have brought down the struggles of being certified, attested and endorsed as a poet. Poems are no longer bound to hand-typed manuscripts, stapled pamphlets, fat dairies or even having a limited audience. Having a large reach and read have moved casually from the big reputed publishing houses to one’s palm of hand. These applications have become the portals to the larger world. Wider read and reception of the works ( by different application users around the globe ) through innumerable likes, comments, and followers, satisfy the user. The practice of producing InstaPoets or self-publishing poets is not what bothers us. This practice has, unfortunately, altered the very basis of the individual’s contemplation of and interaction with poetic art. Moreover, the digital platforms have removed the high-brow gatekeepers who were keeping the poetic art pure.



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