Some says that life is complicated while the others said that it depends on the way how we perceive about it … Life is short and that is pretty sure.We’re higher creatures that God has created in his own image but yet we’re hiding all the matters of Life within where no one knows .. but God knows..The reason that we must be kind at all times and helpful to everyone be it a person or an animal . Everyone deserves to be treated equally and we all are equal in the eyes of God . There does not exist any partition between different races of the world but there are different mindset .. Whatever life may brings , it will always make you strong … Through the ups and downs of Life it doesn’t matter how hard it can be , always believe in yourself and have faith in Almighty God … He has a plan to prosper you always .. ” I use to wonder about the differences in all forms of life but I believe that God is great in creating varieties “



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