Management Information Systems and Cyber Security

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This book is a humble effort aimed at articulating and systematizing the definite conceptual core of IT-based applications in business. The textual material of the book has been divided into seven chapters and each part is dealing with particular dimensions of information systems for managers. The book is really focused on the concepts like the foundation of information systems, digital firms, the internet of things, types of information systems, e-business applications, artificial intelligence technologies, data warehousing, data mining, the need for IT investments, and cyber security issues in today’s business organizations. I hope this book will be useful to the commerce and management students for their academic excellence.

2 reviews for Management Information Systems and Cyber Security

  1. Steve

    This is a very good book for students.
    Provides students with the very goo knowledge in Management Information Systems and Cyber Security

  2. Jeve

    All must read this book so informative.

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