The Art of Hack

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The book focuses on the knowledge that is required. Many sorts of VULNERABILITY exist in this cutting-edge online era where everyone is connected to the internet. This book provides knowledge about systems, networks, exploitation, and much more in addition to how it functions, what tools are utilized, and how we may protect ourselves from it.

This book is extensively utilized by students or anybody who are curious about hacking and how it works. Students who are interested in the hacking industry are unaware of how much more useful it is to them. This book is quite helpful because it provides a variety of information concerning. This book is quite useful for self-building since it provides a variety of knowledge regarding hacking, hackers, security, and tools

2 reviews for The Art of Hack

  1. Vishal

    Good book

  2. Ashwin More

    Very usefull of basic knowledge of our child, i hv purchase everybody can purches.

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