India Reexplored


I am India, bearer of the oldest uninterrupted civilization and religion on earth, ‘O my dear Children! I warmly welcome you all to my bosom. I was ‘Bishwaguru’ in past attracting students from all corners of world to acquire wisdom. My prosperity gave me the fame of ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’. Alexander, Seleucus, Shaka, Huna, Kushana, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Sultan Mamud, Chenghiz Khan, Tainnura Lang, Nadir Shah, Mahmad Ghori, Khilijis, Toghlaks, Mughals, Portugese, French, British, all have robbed me. When whole world was wearing only gray clothes with no knowledge of colors, it was I who colored the whole world, by my ‘indigo’ color. I was inventor all spices; it was I, who taught world population to stay healthy taking spicy food. I am the only country that have monsoon to nurture life. Not only religion, culture and heritage, I possess exalted tradition, literature, art, craft, music, dance, drama, sports, philosophy, astology, astronomy etc. I am excited that my children are bestowed with all human qualities. History is witness, on the principle of ‘Uddar Charitanantu Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, in my prolonged past, I have never invaded nor occupied any country, which is testimony of my great ethic “Sarbe Bhabantu Sukhinam, Sarbe Santu Niramaya. Sarbe Bhadrani Pasyantu, Mam Kaschit Dukha Bhaba Bhaber. Oh children of nectar! Are you aware of great Indian heritage, culture and religion? Whether you really know your motherland properly? O sons of Rishis! If you have any doubt about India, gothrough India: Reexplored’ now, to be solemnized with the hymn of Great-India (Mahabharatiya-mantra).



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