Charismatic Jaipur – Antiquity Relived


The Book retraces footsteps, left behind on the sands of time, by Kachhawa rulers of Rajasthan, as they established their enchanting kingdoms at Amber and Jaipur. Their royal resplendence was reflected in the rich cultural fabric, they wove together with the warp and weft of majestic forts, romantic palaces, alluring art, melodious music and an iridescence of local festivals. Unlike a pure historical treatise, the book is interspersed with spicy stories of courts, courtesans and kings. Through its skylights peep the battlefields where destiny of the land was decided. Through its small window one takes a peek at the private lives of the rulers – their aspirations, fancies, talents, trials and tribulations. The book also showcases a colorful kaleidoscope of Rajasthan’s magnificent art and craft, for which Jaipur is considered a ‘Shoppers Paradise’.



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