In the Company of Me

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A young doctor Chandu ventures in the human body. The activity which started as exploration of his grandfather’s lab, witnesses the adventurous transformation into a mission to rediscover the human body. Chandu visits various body organs treating his sister of various ailments. All along he has company of various interesting cells of the body. Soon he realizes that he had to transform himself to appropriate size to live a social life. His plan to discover the concoction to regain human form, made him discover his grandfather. Book deals with emotions of humans in various situations and the reflections of war like situation in human body, in the background. It deals with the human instincts, influenced by the medical conditions. The experiences of the medical school of Chandu have been integrated in the story to make it interesting. It attempts to influence the interpretation of the scenarios as persons own perceptions and hence appeal to all generations.


14 reviews for In the Company of Me

  1. Dr swati chhabra

    Awesome book

  2. Subhash Roshan

    A worth reading informative book which is interesting,comprehensive and concise.

  3. Vageesh

    Good book

  4. Sunil

    Dr neeraj u are a genius 👍

  5. Dr Sanjeev Kumar Singh

    Congratulations 💐

  6. Prem Shanker

    Very informative

  7. Vishal Kumar

    Beautifully written book

  8. Dr Mukesh Kumar Joon

    Excellent book

  9. Prabhat Kumar


  10. Prabhat Kumar

    Excellent book

  11. Sunil K kaushal

    Extremely powerful story told beautifully …very touching & sweet ..very engrossing & absorbing tale thoroughly enjoyed reading it ..time flies !!

  12. Naresh Chaudhary

    I have full faith in you and your book will definitely enhance our knowledge

  13. Yamini Batham

    Informative and excellent book sir


    Great book from a great doctor who is also now a great author

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