Food and Nutrition Education

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Education of Human Nutrition and concious awareness about it is vital for healthy survival for every humanbeing. In a corroborated approach to organize information on basic human nutrition, in a chronological order. to spread awareness in various population groups, for live disease-free life with optimum health without medicine, medical help and extra care in routine. I authored this book. I have personally observe that food has capabilities to help & enable any human to recover from all kinds of discomforts, diseases and disorders. Education of human nutrition is pivotal to understand the role of nutrient for healthy human survival, growth, maintenance, reproduction and repair of all wear & tear. So, it is my initiative to spread information about human nutrition upto the grassroot level of society and to educate gene- ral populace about major components of their food (food feedstuffs are moisture, lipids, protein, fibre, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins) and role of nutrients in their health maintenance, healthy survival


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