Building Self Reliant India – Convergence of Innovative Practices


Amity Business School, Mumbai is an institute where ” passion is the differentiator ” and we are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and samskaras. Amity Business School attempt to mold young minds with a bright vision of the future, driven by a mission to make a difference in their future endeavors as values of commitment, integrity, and perseverance are imbibed in them. The emerging competitive landscape of business has rendered the need for a new cadre of professionals with a global outlook. Amity believes in creating an environment where ‘ Modernity blends with tradition and the culture at Amity Business School is marked with high traditional values and is orated by the global perspectives. Amity Study Abroad Program ( SAP ) and the option of a semester abroad give our students a cutting edge over others and a truly world-class platform to grow at the same time. At Amity Business School, Mumbai, we have a pool of dedicated faculty members and experts from the industry who create a friendly environment for learning. It is our conviction that ” Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude ” and thereby while imparting this attitude, we blend theory and practice in an optimal mix for the overall enrichment of the students. Amity University has attained the rank of the best private business school in India because of all the corporate friends and mentors who give their time and wisdom to help groom our talented and exciting future managers. ABS also thrives hard to promote research and keeps a research-centric approach.



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