Why I didn’t Tell You

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Do you believe in fairy tales? “Even though we may not believe in fairy tales but sometimes they turn out to be real” But not all stories have a happy ending. “Why I didn’t tell you” is one of the tale among them. Surbhi and Shaurya had written their love story on the pages of memories. But suddenly those pages started looking empty and all the memories seemed blurry. Surbhi is a young, teenage daydreamer girl who believes in fairy tales and has always loved her dreams. She met a boy named Shaurya and they both fell in love with each other. Gradually they came closer and comfortable with each other. But love is not that simple. Loving someone and trusting them are two different things. Instead of spending every moment of happiness with Shaurya, Surbhi started doubting his love. Conflicts, misunder- standings and doubts arose between them and it turned worse for their relationship, And these things brought a new turm in their life. By the time Surbhi realized everything, it was too late, But somehow love gave her another chance. Now see, will she ever to able get back her love? Or her story will be just like that princess. who is still waiting for the arrival of her prince.


1 review for Why I didn’t Tell You

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