Under the Shadow of Chinar

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It is my pleasure to present this book to my readers. Basically, this is an autobiography, but I have simultaneously tried to give the circumstances prevailing in Kashmir at that time. Kashmir has rich traditions, harmony, a good past, and better thinking and these things have definitely affected my way of life. The old, aged, big-sized tree called Chinar provides a cool breeze and shadow to all those who sit under it. In the same way, what I have experienced and learned in my life has been summed up sitting under the shadow of the Chinar tree. It is encouraging for me to write and get this book published in English to get more readers. It has already been published twice in Urdu and once in Kashmiri. Based on my experiences, I am presenting this book to enlighten the readers about the Kashmir environment so they may be benefitted from my experiences. I have used simple language without any tough phrases. philosophical approach or literary sentences so it is easy to understand.


2 reviews for Under the Shadow of Chinar

  1. Shamshad kralawari with Abdul Rashid Hanjura advocate

    It is book written on personel real experience while living in kashmir from 1962 to 2020 period . I recommend to read this book

  2. Absar

    A very nice book

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