The Manifesto of A Recluse

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The Mind of a loner has always been a curious place to delve into. The concept of the recluse, an individual who lives a solitary life and distances themselves from traditional social circles, has been a recurring theme throughout history and across cultures. This phenomenon has been explored in literature and society, shedding light on various aspects of human existence and societal structures. Historically, recluses were often associated with religious motivations, such as hermits who withdrew from the world to devote themselves to spirituality. However, the contemporary world has witnessed a shift in the perception of reclusive Individuals. While some may still choose solitude for religious or philosophical reasons, others are driven by a desire to escape the complexities of modern society. In either of the scenarios, art can be birthed from solitude. What is the definition of a ‘hero’ really? Is it just someone who exists in the paradigm of good deeds? Maybe the soul that brings on the strongest fighting spirit is a hero in this unredeemable world of existential crisis.


1 review for The Manifesto of A Recluse

  1. वंदना कुँअर

    बहुत ही सुन्दर शब्दावली ,अलग सोच व अद्भुत विचार ।

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