The Famous Western Philosophers


Lucid in its style of presentation, ‘the book describes philosophical thoughts of famous western philosophers starting from Thales, the first philosopher of the West up to Albert Camus of the recent past. The book is divided into six parts on the basis of various periods like:

  1. Ancient Greek Philosophers. (Pre-Socratic thinkers)

2.Greek Philosophers. ( from Socrates to Aristotle)

3.Philosophers in the Hellenistic era.

4.Roman- era philosophers.

5.Early Modern philosophers.

6.Modern philosophers.

The book is full of episodes in the lives of philosophers and is further enriched by interesting quotations from their famous writings. Readers even with bare or no acquaintance with philosophy can derive pleasure from its readreadig.

Book of historical account, ‘The famous western philosophers ‘can serve as a handbook of philosophical knowledge.



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