Society Decoded by Siddhanth Goswami

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In day to day life people face so many minor problems which are so basic that our mind automatically ignores them. We don’t see the need to discuss them among ourselves. But in reality they are not small at all and somewhere in back of our heads we want to get in their depths. Society decode is the book which highlights these minor problems. No big mental discussion but a discussion as important as others. Brian Falker once quoted, life is like a book so let’s read the book which completely revolves around our lives!


2 reviews for Society Decoded by Siddhanth Goswami

  1. Akriti Rao

    A Wonderful book …
    And it gave us inspiration to raise our thoughts in society
    A best book for today’s youth 🤟

  2. Anamika Kulkarni

    Beautifully crafted, this book tells a lot about society’s problems and the world needs to think about such issues.

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