Simple Bhagwadgeeta Gita Shrinivas


Sharayan (pen name/sub name), Dr. Shreeniwas Sheelawant Raut gets blocked in day-to-day routine life. He gets Surrounded by confusion and misunderstandings. He feels that he is unable to communicate with the right words, unable to proceed with the right actions, and unable to convince the right people. Here he comes across Arjuna and Krishna both. He picks up their conversation in Sanskrit which is difficult to convey in the local language. For layman, it is either extensive or complex. He transforms it into concise simple poetic Marathi so that someone is able to read it daily. Then he thinks, many people actually know Hindi and most of the world knows English. Thus things go with inspiration, flow, and passionate love. Just like Mahakali, Saraswati and Sri Lakshmi.


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