Scar in the Heart


This book is a word which holds nothing but some unsaid emotions and thoughts that calibrate with the heart. The unspoken part of this book is held deep inside the soul which only is known to the heart that made this come alive. The inspiration of this book is two decades old but only got the form in some months after the persuasion of the dedicated words, to the one for whom they were written which anonymous emotional living is inside and brewing my life. The thoughts are simple and precise to describe the various emotional connections with the beloved. These lines have been written in the shape of poetry which came straight from heart There is absolute no filter or curtain in between these expressions to form what came across my soul. It is not easy to tame the heart when you know love will pain and you cannot hold it in any form but just to live and think about it. The persuasions of being consistent, is the heart speaking in the form of words living in between. The question asked to beloved are answered by the thoughts following in the order of poems I believe that those who read it will have the understanding of what log means it is the emotion free of any materialism, returns, expectations, and just being connected to the beloved and give yourself to them in all forms they have wished and are trying to be along in the journey of life. Lam thankful to the only one who inspired to write it and keep it as main of lose, that is MY HEART which has a SCAR



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