RTE Act 2009, Inclusive Education & Technopedagogical Competency


Elementary education forms the foundation for all levels of learning and development. It empowers and equips individuals with analytical capabilities, instills confidence and fortifies them with determination to achieve goal-setting competencies. It, therefore, plays a pivotal role in improving the socioeconomic condition of the nation. For any country to grow, it is imperative that it has in place a strong elementary school driven education system. The role of elementary teachers in ensuring right to education of all children and making inclusive education policy of the nation a perfect success, demands teachers’ competency in the common pedagogy of all, the technopedagogy. This book rightly explains how the strengths of teachers’ right perception of RTE Act, their positive attitude towards inclusive education, and their competency in technopedagogy can make wonders in the elementary school education. This treatise probably be the first of its type in the nation. This book will be highly useful to all the stakeholders of education and the scholars and researchers in the field of elementary education.



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