Rising Voices Poems of Feminism

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“Rising Voices: Poems on Feminism” honors women’s unwavering courage. It chronicles the progression from silence to clamor in forceful yet sensitive lines, intertwining stories of resiliency, equality, and the fight against injustice. These verses reflect the beauty of broken preconceptions and the strength found in unification like battle cries. Let this collection serve as a lighthouse to help everyone navigate the maze of gender biases while respecting the struggles and triumphs. With every word, the pages resonate with the rising chorus of voices that demand equality testament to the unstoppable force of feminism.


3 reviews for Rising Voices Poems of Feminism

  1. ਗਗਨ

    Wow ! Amazing something new to know

  2. Anup Kumar

    Worth reading

  3. baba ji burger wale

    awesome book and poet❤️

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