Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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It is a great pleasure for me to bring this edited book “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”. This book is specially designed for the D.Pharm Syllabus ER-2020 as recommended by the Pharmacy Council of India and adopted by most of the universities in this country. The course in pharmaceutical chemistry remains in place in the undergraduate curriculum, despite its less importance for practicing pharmacists. In this book we try to give a sufficiently systematic and detailed account of some important chapters of pharmaceutical chemistry to permit pharmacy students and pharmacists to understand, the importance of pharmaceutical chemistry and many of them in brief Though the best efforts have been attempted to avoid errors yet possibility of any printing error or otherwise due to oversight cannot be overruled. Readers are requested to point out the same for the purpose of rectification. Finally, we express our deep gratitude to our family members and friends for being supportive in times of stress in bringing out this book I am hopeful that the book will be a valuable contribution to the field of pharmaceutical science.


2 reviews for Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  1. Alok Singh

    Very nice book

  2. Shivraj

    Good book

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