Pain of Migration


From time immemorial, human beings and animals have migrated or moved to different places for various reasons. While our early ancestors may have moved in search of food and water, later human beings migrated in search of better opportunities, homes, wealth, and even love. It is the desire to improve, prosper, and flourish that drove human beings, and continues to drive us, to move away from our homes and comfort zones. This phenomenon is not limited to human beings either: birds fly thousands of miles at specific times of the year; salmon swim hundreds of miles to lay their eggs; within a forest, elephants, deer, and other herbivores migrate in search of food. Migrati is usually classified into labour, forced, internal, or international. Labour migration is nothing but people venturing into other lands in search of employment or business opportunities. It could be because there isn’t much to do in one’s own homeland, or because the opportunities are much more lucrative elsewhere.



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