Lines Written in Solitude

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When we miss someone we really miss the part of us. It’s strange then to dream of them even when we lay awake.’Lines Written in Solitude is a compilation of such feelings which I have tried to put in black and white. Each and every word written here will not only make the reader connect to their own life but also compel them to remember their loved ones whether they are with them or not. It will also make them feel emotional and bring tears to their eyes.


11 reviews for Lines Written in Solitude

  1. Neha Saraogi

    No words for this book


    Excellent readable book .A must buy for everyone


    Excellent readable book

  4. Premchand

    Really the book was superb in reading and all lines are easy to understand and it will surely transform our lives for sure so I recommend everyone to buy and read it will be useful for sure

  5. Tony

    Author has expressed her feelings so well. Too much sentimental and heart touching .inspired .❀️

  6. Tony

    Feeling nostalgic. Too emotional . anybody who reads will surely feel connected. The expressed words will surely melt anyone’s heart . ❀️

  7. Shweta

    Loved the way the emotions of heart was expressed on words . indeed mesmerising

  8. Esha agarwal

    Author has described the feeling of a girl in a passionate way. All the best . strongly recommend to purchase .πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  9. Pooja singh


  10. ansu singh


  11. Vishal Agarwal

    The book travels you to the journey of love, emotions, feelings.. in such a way as if two souls are dancing in some beautiful garden wherein some greatest of music is playing in the background… The flow of emotions is so rhythmic that it not only touches but beautifully plays with the strings of the heart generating feelings of love, longing, togetherness, seperation, joy, sorrow, pain.. & also sometimes Solitude..

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