Glimpse of Creations (Poetry Anthology)


Glimpse of Creations is an anthology of poems of different genres. The collection of nearly 59 poems. Each poem is beautifully adorned. This amalgamation of sizzling poetic themes, composed and compiled into scores of rippling lines of breathtaking, profound poems and thought-provoking quotes with appeals relevant to all creeds and cultures, climes, and times. The messages and mantras of this volume’s offerings feature a plethora of universal concerns and subjects, embracing and promoting love and romance, global peace and human right, polities and good governance, culture and history, sports, and sundry musings. The thrilling philosophical depth and ideological expressions will no doubt leave the readers to spellbound in the captivating grip of the book’s leaves and pages which are great chests of rear treasures to savour and enjoy with maximum pleasure, So, sit back, relax and enjoy this literary offering of blessings!



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