Dynamics of Digital Economy


We live in the digital age characterized by expeditious technical innovation. The rise of the digital economy has drastically changed how we work, live, and interact with the outside world. It has brought about a new age of previously unheard-of opportunities and difficulties that affect every part of our existence. This book, “Dynamics of Digital Economy”, explores the complex environment of this revolutionary phenomenon and provides a thorough roadmap for comprehending, prospering in, and influencing the digital future. The substantial changes in company models, and social structures. and human behaviors that technology has sparked are what make up the digital economy rather than just technology itself. It is an international force that cuts beyond national boundaries and transforms markets, economies, and the fundamental foundation of our society. Since the pandemic in 2020, the demand for digital goods and services are on the rise. There had been a tectonic shift in running the economy, managing business, transaction processes in the market, and interactions in society. Nations came up with digitalization policies and put emphasis on the construction of digital infrastructure. As people got accustomed to getting along with digital devices, smart processes, and technological innovation. more are joining the bandwagon ‘of digital savvy in smart cities.



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