Crossing the Fence


We are living in a sophisticated world thinking of acquiring luxuries that make life more comfortable than before. However, these comforts and luxuries bring along their own problems, and issues that affect us adversely. Students and adults, skilled workers and professionals, young and old face different problems related to their work, relationships, and life. These problems can be related to facing criticism, handling the ego, beating overthinking, mental stamina, mental diet, the impact of digital technology in our life, taking a digital detox, managing stress, etc. The Author Nicholas Correa gives a good description of these problems and suggests guidance for finding apt solutions in his book, “Crossing the Fence”. What does Crossing the Fence mean? The Fence’ stands for obstructions or problems and Crossing for finding possible solutions. Hence the book Crossing the Fence gives the secrets of facing problems one encounters in life. This book will make you more thoughtful, analytical, and creative and help you to grow as a person, and become more independent in handling your problems



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