CBSE Class 10th SOCIAL SCIENCE 100% NCERT Practical Concept based Learning Material

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Important features of this book:

1. Quick Revision.

2. Complete textbook concept-based questions.

3. Each topic is covered with questions and answers from textbook content only.

4. Each chapter is given an introduction to understanding in the short form of a lesson.

5. All major and minor topics are covered with suitable questions.

6. Easy understandable terms and language used for friendly explanation.

7. Lesson Explanation note with questions and answers.

8. Guidelines for exam presentation pattern based on marks scheme given (2, 3, and 5 marks)

9. The teaching cum learning concepts are given in easy terminology (for teachers & Students).

10. Extra knowledge-based questions and answers are prepared well.

11. Objectives: Self-practice and marking MCQs by live reading lesson content covers case-based content too.

12. Assertion and Reasoning with explanation.

13. Previous years repeated questions since 2012-2023 (for reference).

14. Complete content prepared as per the guidelines of NCERT with practical class activities. CAN

15. Live map practicing based on NCERT 2023-24 lesson schedule.

16. Live Picture-based questions are given to discuss along with the textbook preparation and practice.

17. Live Class activities are given to perform in the class as per NEP-2020.

18. Repeated classes available at YouTube channel: Social meta minds


7 reviews for CBSE Class 10th SOCIAL SCIENCE 100% NCERT Practical Concept based Learning Material

  1. Sharanya

    This book consists very good explanation were each and every student can understand without fail

  2. Bipen kumar

    Excellent content. V V good book for social CBSE.TO SCORE 80/80

  3. V Venkateswarlu

    Useful book for types of students and easy to understand


    It’s very helpful to slow learner &
    Gifted child, please reduce price sir

  5. Vamshika

    This is a very good book and it has pyqs in it and each topic is divided with question based and it is very easy to understand

  6. BNK

    Very good book .Top Scorer for CBSE . Good Content.


    Very good

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