Animal Taxonomy and Phylogeny


The purpose of this text book is primarily intended to serve as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students of zoology as well as for those aspiring for competitive examination. It covers animal taxonomy taxonomy and phylogeny. It is useful book for the biologists especially for those interested in understanding the basic concepts of animal taxonomy and phylogeny. Each topic logically organized, easy to understand contents that provides the important aspects of animal taxonomy and phylogeny. This textbook provides in depth coverage of all the aspects of based on the revised syllabus of various universities and autonomous colleges. This book comprises the important aspects of animal taxonomy and phylogeny like scope, history, binomial system of nomenclature, identification, phyletic lineages, biological classification, concepts of species, phylogeny, Origin of Metazoans, Origin of Chordates, Phylogeny of Vertebrates, Jawless vertebrates, Ostracoderms, Primitive jawed vertebrates, Origin of jaws, Origin and evolution of fish, Origin of Tetrapods, Amphibian and Reptilian features of Seymouria, Origin and Evolution of Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Mammal like reptiles, Aquatic reptiles, Flying reptiles, Rise and fall of dinosaurs, Origin of feathers and Birds, Archeopteryx, Origin and evolution of mammals and so on. The book is structured into 53 topics and their subtopics. They were well arranged in a coherent manner.



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