God I Saw


A man sits under a peepal tree for the shade. The woodcutter sees a stock in it. Botanist explore its internal structure. The doctor looks for drugs in it, Birds use for their shelter. A religious person sees a deity in that. Everyone has a different way of looking at the world. Somewhere the god is invisible almighty, supreme person, somewhere is like a stone idol. If the buffalo imagine her god, she must be some super buffalo. That’s why everyone’s god is made of their own thoughts. Some time it seems that some power is controlling us on its own accord. We’re in a boat of life which hull is in the hands of invisible seller. Some times we cross the river and reach the shore, sometimes we drown at any place in the river. The neutral seller not tries to save some one nor to drown. In this book all people are pointed towards the true path, scientific approach, humanism, develop a spirit of learning and improvement. Challenging the prevailing religious, social narrow beliefs and ideas, this book, in compliance with the instructions of sacred duties to the citizens in the constitution, gives a simple and clear message of the truth of life and the world.


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